Raw Cow - Rolf Beeler - Appenzell, Switzerland




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An exemplar among Swiss cheeses, Appenzeller takes its name from the town in which it’s been produced using traditional methods for over 700 years. There is Appenzeller, and then there is Appenzeller. This version is from Rolf Beeler, a renowned Swiss affineur who has been producing distinctive raw milk cheeses for over 30 years. Aged a minimum of six months, his version has an unparalleled richness. It’s complexity & assertiveness is owed to the careful and secret herbal brining process. Aromas of brown butter & roasted hazelnuts are balanced with rich fruit & a slightly crystalline texture. An indispensable component to any fondue, it is also perfect for lunch with fruit, a crusty loaf of bread, and an Alsatian white wine.

Friday 20th of May 2022 11:38:36 PM