Ara Chocolat Porcelana 70% Criollo

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Ara Chocolat, founded by a Venezuelan couple, Andrés and Sabrina, is a micro batch Parisian chocolate shop and one of the few bean-to-bar chocolate makers in France. They make chocolates from the beans that their Chef Chocolatier, Andrés, carefully chooses and buys directly from small cocoa growers and cooperatives in Latin America. Porcelana, a strain of the renowned Criollo cocoa variety is the gold standard for chocolate. The beans are a white to violet color reminiscent of pure porcelain, hence the name. This bar strikes the perfect balance between fruity acidity and pleasant bitterness. Earthy & nutty, it is laced with brambly fruit, amazing acidity, subtle sweetness and a melt in your mouth texture. In short, this chocolate is an occasion.