Bachan's Gluten Free Japanese BBQ Sauce, 17oz

This is an important sauce...seriously.

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Simply put, these Bachan sauces are amazing. A staff favorite, it is the product of Justin Gill's Japanese family heritage, distilled and contained in an easy to use, delicious bottle of homemade sauce. Bachan means 'granny' in Japanese and this sauce tastes like your granny made it. The gluten free version is made with tamari rather than traditional soy sauce, and you wouldn't know the difference. It is what you want to drizzle over your rice bowl with grilled vegetables, whatever meat you had the night before & and a fried egg. Add some chopped scallions & some toasted sesame seeds and you're set. Not as salty as soy sauce & loaded with fresh scallions, garlic & ginger! Great as a condiment & fantastic as a quick marinade! Did we mention it's one of the coolest labels ever as well? That part is free of charge.