Bavarian Meats Landjaeger

You either like Landjaeger, or you're wrong...

$25.99 LB
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Bavarian Meats is a third-generation family business. Their story begins in 1933, when Grandpa Max at the age of 19, loaded up his suitcase with recipes, left his home in Germany and followed his dreams to America. He settled in Seattle and worked as a sausage-maker for many years, honing his craft. But Max believed that he could make a higher-quality German sausage. Bavarian Meats was founded in 1961, just in time for Max to make a name for himself at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair.

Landjaeger translation: “Land Hunter.” Bavarian Meats famous salami snack stick! Pork and beef fermented, smoked, and dry cured. Perfect for hiking, biking, cutting into bite-size pieces for appetizers, easy protein for kids’ lunches, or throwing in the car on road trips. Shelf stable so you can take it anywhere a granola bar would go!