Castagna +55 Hazelnut Creme, 200g

Simply one of the best things you will EVER enjoy...seriously.

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Guido Castagna is an Italian national treasure. The skill & passion with which he transforms cocoa & hazelnuts into nothing short of masterpieces cannot be overstated. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy & share the results of this passion.

It is hard to describe how good this +55 spread actually is. This is not hyperbole. It. Is. Amazing. If you don't believe us, just review the closet full of international awards Guido Castagna has won. You'll be tempted to ask yourself how he turns Piemonte IGP hazelnuts (68%) & cocoa into something so other-worldly...don't bother. Just get some for yourself & taste it, that will be enough. You will love it yourself, and you will be loved by anyone who you decide to be generous enough to give it to!