Castagna Giuinotti, 200g

The best giuinott you will ever have...period.

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Guido Castagna is an Italian national treasure. The skill & passion with which he transforms cocoa & hazelnuts into nothing short of masterpieces cannot be overstated. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy & share the results of this passion.

There is giuinott and then there is this. "This" is the result of limitless study & testing, mistakes & even the creation of new machinery...all for 7 grams of cocoa & hazelnut sweetness. A 6 time International Chocolate Award winner that you and I have the great luxury of simply unwrapping and popping into our mouths. Guido & his team of experts have done the hard part people, its up to us to fulfill our end of the bargain! You will love them, and be loved by anyone you give them to!!