DeLa Top 20 - ALL 20!

20 Hand-picked staff favorites from every department!

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There are a lot of great products in our Top 20...why choose?! This is your chance to get them all with one click! It includes great grocery, wine & deli products - the chosen favorites of the fine folks that work in our store! Makes an incredible gift! (1/2 lb of all the weighed items)

Smoking Goose Sauccison Rouge - salame piment d'ville, red wine, chili, garlic, black peppercorn & mustard.
Sagittarius - a rich sheep and cow mixed milk gouda-style this is at once sweet and savory.
Meredith Farms Marinated Feta - delicate little white cubes of spreadable goat/sheep farmstead cheese marinated in herbs.
Whitney - Jasper Hill Farms 2022 ACS Best in Show alpine cheese!
DeLaurenti Roasted & Marinated Eggplant - fresh market eggplant is sliced thick, roasted & marinated in a combination of olive oil, wine vinegar, garlic & herbs.
Lucques - the best olive you’ve never had..or maybe you have and you know. Green, meaty & creamy.
Muhammara - Mamnoon’s famous spread made from walnuts, pepper paste, cumin, pomegranate molasses & bread crumbs.
Jack Mountain Ham - amazing ham made by our friends at Jack Mountain in Burlington, WA!
Monte's Sauce - the classic NYC staple, just ask Frank Sinatra.
Rustichella Spaghetti - workhorse spaghetti.
Maldon Salt - flaky chards of salt with a subtle crunch and pronounced pop. Once you start, you can’t stop.
Kari Kari - essential ingredient for every rice bowl, all the time.
Tenuta Ilario Dazero EVOO 2023 - first of the 2023 Olio Novello. Deep green, grassy & fruity!
Drifter's Copper River - husband and wife fishing duo that takes special care!
Mama Africa's Hot Sauce - keep some in your purse or pocket all the time. Makes everything better.
Utopick Candied Orange & Marcona Almond - we have a lot of chocolate, and this is a really good one.
Gavottes Crepe Dentelle Dark Chocolate - impossibly light & crisp crepes enrobed in dark chocolate.
Sanchez Romate Sherry Vinegar - the vinegar you didn’t know you needed for salad dressing.
DeLaurenti Rosato - rose is appropriate 12 months a year.
I Fabbri 'Lamole' Chianti Classico DOCG - classic Chianti with the traditional wicker basket bottom, except it tastes really good.