DeLaurenti Fresh Spinach Pasta Sheets




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We know you can make your own pasta, but when you are serving ravioli for the whole family, do you really want to? There is no shame in saying no. These pasta sheets are the perfect solution for situations like this. Just make a nice filling and start building. Not thin enough for you? Just run them through your home pasta roller and you are set. You say you want to make the best lasagna ever? These pasta sheets are your ticket. Just cut them lengthwise down the middle, parboil the pasta strips for 30 seconds, rinse and lay them flat. Three strips fits perfectly width-wise in a 9 x 13 inch full size lasagna pan - creating one layer. Trim the ends and keep on going. Par boiling will yield a lighter end result, but if you would like to skip this step, go right ahead. Can't find pappardelle that is wide enough? No problem. Roll the sheets and cut them to any width you would like. Can't use it all? Freeze them! You see where we are going with this - you need these.

Sunday 26th of September 2021 05:14:17 AM