DeLaurenti Housemade Meatballs w/Sauce - 2

Made in the DeLaurenti Kitchen!


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Ok, these are the real deal - created and produced in the comfort of our kitchen upstairs at the store. Approximately 1/4# each, FULLY COOKED and ready to go! Your only job is choosing the number of meatballs & deciding whether you want them lightly covered in sauce or plain. Want more than twelve? Just choose the number, a quantity & multiply it! Ie: 12 meatballs, qty of 2 = 24 meatballs! Want them swimming in sauce instead of just covered? Order more DeLaurenti Marinara to go with it!

As an ode to Nate's Nonna, on Mondays we serve 3 meatballs in a bowl with red sauce, Reggiano & a piece of grilled bread. It was the only thing that would keep him and his cousins from tearing the house apart. They lined up and were dispensed a sampler meatball in sauce and a piece of bread for dipping. Receiving it was committing to good behavior. They are great served as such, piled into a soft roll, or, of course combined with some marinara & tossed with spaghetti! If you would like, we include enough sauce to cover. You might want to order another container of marinara!