Dinah's Cheese

Pasteurized Cow - Kurtwood Farms - Vashon Island, WA - 7oz



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Dinah's Cheese is an original creation made by Kurt Timmermeister at Kurtwood Farms on Vashon Island. The cheese of Kurtwood Farms is farmstead cheese, meaning that it is made on the farm from the milk produced by the cows that live on the farm. No milk is brought in from any other source. All of the cheeses are made by hand, wrapped by hand, and delivered personally. Made with 100% Jersey cow's milk, it has a satiny, bloomy rind and a deep golden paste - both characteristic of a true French camembert. When fully ripe, it will be gooey, rich and full flavored. Great on a cheese plate all by itself, or fantastic paired with honey and candied nuts for a dessert course.

Tuesday 18th of January 2022 11:39:10 AM