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Cheese Buyer/Deli Manager - 5 yrs


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Riga Smoked Sprats - "Best bang for your buck. Eat it out of the can or fry it up in a hot cast iron skillet for a shatteringly crispy bite!"

Bergamino di Bufala - "Luscious and decadent. Guaranteed to always sell out fast because the staff and customers go crazy for it!"

Lady Edison Country Ham - "Domestic cured ham with melt-in-your-mouth marbling and full of umami anchovy-esque flavors!"

Beurre de Baratte Fleur de Sel - "Is there anything more dreamy than cultured French butter slathered on a crusty piece of bread?! It also has as a cow stamped on the top...I can't even express how much more special that makes it."

Thursday 8th of December 2022 09:24:03 PM