Ferndale Farmstead Fresh Mozzarella

Pasteurized Cow - Ferndale, WA




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Located just a few miles northwest of Bellingham, family-run Ferndale Farmstead combines old-world, artisan-taught cheesemaking techniques with a “seed to cheese” approach to their production. This means that not only do they source their milk from their own herd of cows, but they also grow their own feed using sustainable agricultural practices that address both the nutritional needs of the cows and the environmental needs of the land.
Delicate in flavor and texture, this fresh mozzarella is made the old-fashioned way, with Italian cultures instead of vinegar. The result is a delightful fresh cheese that combines exceptional grass-fed Washington whole milk with traditional Italian production techniques. A favorite fresh mozzarella of our deli staff!

Sunday 27th of November 2022 06:27:22 AM