Fossa Dancong Duck Sh$t Bar, 50g


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Fossa is Singapore’s first, and award winning bean to bar chocolate maker. Their unique bars feature ethically sourced ingredients, and subtle, nuanced flavors that draw on the rich agricultural and culinary traditions of the region. A collaboration with rare tea curator Pekoe & Imp, this chocolate bar is made with a dancong tea from the Guangdong Province of China, known as Ya Shi Xiang. The name literally translates to “duck sh%t.” Legend has it that the farmer who cultivated the tea intentionally gave it a revolting name in order to hide the secret to his delicious tea. Fortunately, the flavor is nothing like the name suggests. Pleasantly floral on the nose with notes of fruit and malt, don’t make the mistake of judging this chocolate by its cover.

Thursday 8th of December 2022 11:03:19 PM