Fruition Bourbon Dark Milk Bar, 60g

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Fruition founder Bryan Graham began his career as a pastry chef. As he continued his culinary studies, he discovered a passion for bean-to-bar chocolate making. With a commitment to ethical sourcing and a chef’s eye for detail, quality, and style, Fruition has earned many industry accolades. Dark milk chocolate is creamier and sweeter than dark chocolate, but with more depth of flavor than milk chocolate. It is equally as perfect for the dark chocolate lover with a bit of a sweet tooth as it is for the milk chocolate devotee who wants a bit more subtly and depth of flavor. In this bar, the dark milk base allows the flavor of bourbon to shine through. Roasted Dominican cacao nibs are aged with bourbon barrel staves from Tuthilltown Spirits, along with Hudson Baby Bourbon by Hudson Whiskey. The end result is a creamy dark milk chocolate, with notes of bourbon and oak. 1st Place in the Inclusion Bar category at Seattle’s 2015 Northwest Chocolate Festival, this bar is a must-try for any bourbon lover.