Gruyere 1655

Raw Cow - Fromagerie le Cret - Fribourg, Switzerland




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Master Cheesemaker Jean-Marie Dunand runs the village dairy at 3,000 ft above sea level in the heartland of traditional Gruyère production in the Fribourg region of Switzerland. The dairy, which dates back to 1900, has been run by Dunand since 1986. He makes 18-20 wheels of Gruyère each day, 365 days a year, using freshly delivered milk from eight small local farms. After three months, the wheels are moved to the caves of Fromage Gruyère, where they are finished aging for the next 9 months before release. Each wheel is rigorously evaluated by an expert team before earning the 1655 label. The result is a cheese that is perfectly balanced. Sweet, salty, nutty, fruity, mushroomy and earthy.

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