Incontro 'Nduja

This spread highlights the creamy, rich flavor of the Mangalitsa hogs

$39.99 LB
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Founded by Nebraska-based Tony Incontro in 2018, Incontro Cured is firmly committed to preserving and sharing the most authentic and age-old products mother nature allows. They work with the one true premium breed of pig: The Noble Mangalitsa. Sourcing exclusively from a single farm, they craft small batches to guarantee unmatched quality. Pronounced - (in-DOOJ-ah), this is the undisputed salumi champion from Calabria, Italy. Made with 100% Mangalitsa derived from the belly and shoulder meat, it is a spreadable, spicy/smoky salame. Naturally smoked and robust in color, it has the perfect balance of spice & sweetness. 'Nduja is the perfect salame to highlight the wonderful complexities of 100% grown Peperoncino di Calabria. Spread it on crostini, dot on your pizza or incorporate it into anything you would like to taste better!