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You are not currently standing in our wine department. If you were, you could say: "red...under $25...pasta with tomatoes...go!" Without the luxury of being together, we are forced to work with what we have. Here's what you do - choose a color/type, a price range & a quantity and add the wine to you cart! We see it, we choose great wines, and get the wines ready for pick up or delivery! If you have a more specific idea of exactly what you would like, add some more detail at checkout in the INSTRUCTIONS & ADDITIONS field. Example: you chose an Italian red for $25. At checkout, you say "I love Chianti!" and it's done. Don't be limited to adding wine here, either - if there are other cheeses or grocery items that you can't find, put them down!

Saturday 24th of October 2020 04:57:43 PM