KariKari Garlic Chili Crisp, 6oz

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Husband and wife duo Rob Griset and Ruby Sparks developed the recipe for KariKari Garlic Chili Crisp in their tiny apartment on Seattle’s Capitol Hill in 2019. The pepper blend brings a compelling heat, while crisp bits of garlic, shallot, and peanut add crunchy texture and bold flavor. Rounded out with a hint of soy and mushroom for an umami finish, each bite is at once sweet, spicy, savory, and wonderfully complex.

After stirring the jar from the bottom, add a bit to your next stir-fry, rice bowl, or ramen for instantly elevated flavor. KariKari Garlic Chili Crisp also great with mac and cheese, fried eggs, roasted meats or veggies, or just about anything that benefits from a bit of heat and savory flavor. Try it yourself and see why it’s become an instant staff favorite – but be warned, you may find yourself with a new must-have condiment!