La Tur

Pasteurized Cow, Goat & Sheep - Caseificio dell'Alta Langa - Piedmont, Italy - 8oz

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Made by Caseificio dell'Alta Langa near the town of Alba in northern Italy, La Tur is a dense and creamy blend of cow, sheep, and goat's milk. The rind is soft, wrinkled, thin and delicate. The interior paste is ivory in color with a light, fluffy, mousse-like texture, becoming extremely soft and creamy under the rind. Flavors are rich and sweet with a subtle tang. Due to its fragility, it is encased in a cupcake-like wrapper and placed in a protective plastic container. When ripe, the molten creamline commonly sticks to the paper as it is removed. The cheese that ends up on the paper will taste as good as the cheese that ends up on your cheeseboard!