L'Amuse Gouda

Pasteurized Cow - Cono/Essex St. Cheese Co. - Netherlands

$42.99 LB
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L’Amuse Signature Gouda is the product of a close collaboration between several gouda producers, mainly Cono and Lutjewinkel, in the Beemster and Schermer region and Betty Koster, owner of L’Amuse cheese store, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Wheels are carefully graded and selected before being transferred to a warehouse where they are tended and matured at the cellars for up to 30 months before being released and sold. Koster matures these goudas at higher temperatures (51-54 F) and humidity levels higher than normal which allows the crystals to form while preserving the moist, buttery paste and nutty flavor. Bright orange in color with a thick wax rind, L'Amuse Gouda is hard and dense with flavors of butterscotch, caramel and hazelnuts.