Leonardi Saba Mosto d'Uva Cotto, 250mL

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The premier balsamic vinegars come from Modena, and Acetaia Leonardi is a classic producer. The fourth-generation family-owned operation grows their own Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes for their award-winning line of vinegars. Their Saba is a thick syrup made from cooking grape must (freshly crushed grape juice with all the skins, seeds and stems) down in copper kettles until it’s reduced by two-thirds. It’s then aged for two years. What emerges is a fruit-forward syrup, the essence of grapes, if you will, and is redolent of raisins and Italian plums. Use as you would any balsamic reduction; drizzled over meats, fish, chicken, cheese, berries, and stone fruit.