Marchesi di San Giulano Mandarin Orange Marmalade, 460g

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The San Giuliano estate is in the foothills of Mount Etna and boasts some of the most fertile soil in Sicily. Some of the finest citrus fruits in Italy grow there. All their jam production is done on the San Giuliano estate by hand in small batches with simple, family recipes. Freshly picked organic fruit is hand-sliced and cooked down slowly with only cane sugar. They never use thickeners or preservatives. Their Sicilian Mandarin Marmalade gets its burnt orange color from the sweet, juicy mandarins that hang ripe from the trees like ornaments in late December, leading some to call it the Christmas Orange. The marmalade is sweet and fragrant with enough acidity to give it complexity. Fabulous on crusty toast with butter, but also a sophisticated addition to almost any dessert.