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Comte 24 month - "Where do you even start? Hard to know...but one thing I do know: Comte is one of the world’s greatest & most versatile cheeses. Enjoy it on a cheese board, melt it, put in on a sandwich or eat it like an apple!"

Bachan’s GF Japanese BBQ Sauce - "ALWAYS in our fridge at home. No drop off with the GF version. Perfect as a marinade, or a condiment for your signature rice bowl."

Mulino Bianco Girotondi + Italian Nutella - "Technically two items, but it should be one. Instructions: take a knife, spread nutella on cookie, eat...repeat."

Scalia Anchovies (in the flip top jar) - "Great quality anchovies in a jar that closes! If you think this is too big of an anchovy commitment, you need to use more anchovies!"

Thursday 8th of December 2022 09:20:19 PM