Naive Kefir Probiotic Milk Chocolate, 50g

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Chocolate Naïve founder, Domantas Užpalis, says, “Chocolate is as luxuriant as my most vivid dream and as humble as my simple reality.” His poetic philosophy translates into wonderfully unique chocolate! Chocolate Naïve sources their cacao via direct trade, which allows them to pay better rates to their farmers (Naïve buy their beans for at least 40% above market price), regulate the quality of their cacao, and ensure the crop is grown using sustainable and ethical practices. These carefully sourced cacao beans then travel to Chocolate Naïve’s production facility in Lithuania, where Užpalis and his team meticulously roast, roll, and conch them.

Kefir is a fizzy, fermented dairy drink that’s rich in probiotics. In addition to creating a yogurt-like tang in the chocolate, the added kefir also includes live cultures. This leads to the chocolate bar slowly aging like cheese. As time marches on, the flavor of the bar continues to develop and evolve.