Parmigiano Reggiano White Gold

Raw Cow - Ambrosi - Emilia-Romagna




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La Traversetolese Artisan Dairy combines traditional techniques and modern technology to create this exceptional 24 month-aged Parmigiano Reggiano. The cheesemakers only produce 20,000 wheels each year, making this a coveted and sometimes hard-to-find cheese. White Gold combines the whiter hue and texture of a younger cheese with the aromatic complexity of a more mature Parmigiano-Reggiano. The texture is pleasantly crumbly with a crunchy mouthfeel. The flavor is buttery and brothy with pleasant umami notes. Grate or shave onto your favorite dishes, drizzle it with aged balsamic or enjoy with cured meats. No more paste? No problem. Use the rind, to enrich your sauces, soups or stews!

Sunday 27th of November 2022 08:07:56 AM