Pio Tosini Prosciutto di Parma

Traditional Italian Prosciutto di Parma




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The roots of the Pio Tosini company run deep and date back to the beginning of the last century (1905) in the heart of northern Italy, where Ferrante Tosini (Pio Tosini’s father) started his business slaughtering pigs and curing his own cuts of pork meat in the back room of the family’s grocery store. Today, Pio Tosini is still a family company, where Pio’s son-in-law and nephew carry on their family’s century old tradition and passion. Because they use less salt in the curing process, their hams must be of the highest quality and age for a longer time (up to 20 months) to achieve their signature sweetness. The result of this passion and experience is a Prosciutto di Parma that is unsurpassed in flavor, texture and quality. Size & shape of the slices will vary, but they will always taste great!

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