Raaka Maple & Nib Bar, 2oz

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Based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Raaka specializes in unroasted dark chocolate, made from scratch. Roasting cacao is a common step in chocolate-making, which results in the classic “chocolatey” flavor we all know and love. However, many of the fruity notes of the chocolate diminish in the roasting process. For those who favor bright and tart flavors, these bars are for you! Made in small batches from bean to bar, Raaka’s chocolate is also certified organic, and they work closely with their producers to ensure their beans are sourced ethically, and grown and fermented with care.

Can’t do cane sugar? Then this is the bar for you! This 75% cacao bar is sweetened with maple sugar and topped with a sprinkling of toasted cacao nibs. The sweet and creamy maple-sweetened chocolate contrasts perfectly with the bitter crunch of the nibs.