Spella Caffe Espresso Rossalina, 12oz

Small batch roasted by hand in Portland, OR


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Raised above his grandmother's European bakery in Chicago, Andrea Spella first knew espresso as the thick stuff brewed on a stovetop and drunk with pastry after school. This childhood ritual, steeped as it was in old-world tradition, isn't far from the espresso experience Andrea has cultivated over the past ten years in his caffè. Andrea works closely with family-owned coffee farms and co-operatives in India, Latin America, and Africa to ensure the highest quality of beans find their way to our roastery. Strong relationships with coffee growers are the foundation of Spella Caffè.

Beans are roasted in small batches?eleven pounds at a time?at their roasting spot in Southeast Portland. This method of roasting brings out the unique, inherent qualities of each variety, and allows them to find the sweet spot of each batch.

Rossalina Espresso has a thick, lush body, full of crema. It has nutty, caramel tones with a healthy amount of licorice and anisette.

Rossalina is the bean you'll find pulled on the espresso machines at our wholesale accounts - she's a beauty to work with!

Monday 5th of December 2022 12:24:42 PM