Pasteurized Cow - Colston Bassett/Neal's Yard Dairy - Nottinghamshire, England




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Founded in 1913, and still one of the smallest Stilton dairies in the UK, Colston Bassett uses more traditional methods than most other Stilton producers. The curd is still hand-ladled before draining, which preserves its structure, resulting in a luscious, creamy texture when the cheeses are mature. The rind is a mottled orange-brown with patches of natural white mold. Flavors are rich and lactic with a wonderful balance of blue mold, earth and butter. In the end, you will not enjoy a more fantastic blue cheese. Enjoy as is, use it to top your favorite steak hot off the grill, or enjoy it with candied nuts and a glass of port for dessert.

Monday 5th of December 2022 01:45:39 PM