Storye Rye Bread w/Carrot


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Storye (Stor-eye) is made in Riga by the Laci Bakery, a traditional maker of dense, dark Latvian rye breads made with just a few ingredients. Everything is done by hand, using wooden tools and baked slowly in wood-fired brick ovens. Using only locally-grown rye—and no wheat—the dough is naturally fermented with a starter handed down from the bakery founder’s grandmother, which gives it a malty tang. Their Rye with Carrots has the same full, zesty flavor of their Classic rye, but is even moister with a light natural sweetness. The shredded bits of carrot lend the dark loaf an orange hue. Great for open-faced sandwiches or spread with a soft, creamy cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Friday 17th of September 2021 03:07:57 AM