Storye Fine Rye Bread


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Storye (Stor-eye) is made in Riga by the Laci Bakery, a traditional maker of dense, dark Latvian rye breads made with just a few ingredients. Everything is done by hand, using wooden tools and baked slowly in wood-fired brick ovens. Using only locally-grown rye—and no wheat—the dough is naturally fermented with a starter handed down from the bakery founder’s grandmother, which gives it a malty tang. Their Fine Rye is lighter in texture than their Classic Rye because they remove the hard exterior of the rye berry before milling, which creates a more refined rye flour. The addition of caraway seeds gives the Fine Rye extra zing. Slices of this loaf will remind you of the best Jewish deli rye you’ve ever sampled.

Friday 17th of September 2021 09:43:59 PM