To'ak Alchemy Caramelized Pop Amaranth, 56g

65% dark chocolate with popped amaranth!

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To’ak Chocolate is renowned for making some of the rarest and most expensive chocolates in the world using the heirloom Nacional variety of cacao. 
This bar is part of their Alchemy Selection - a limited edition series of imaginatively flavored chocolate bars. The collection takes you on a journey through the unique culinary traditions and rare ingredients of four vital ecosystems in tropical South America: the Amazon rainforest, Andes mountains, Pacific coast, and Galapagos Islands. These expertly crafted dark chocolates have a 65% cocoa content and are infused with an array of unique flavorings.  

Popped amaranth is a traditional sweet treat found at the roadside stands in Ecuador. In this bar, roasted, popped amaranth, a protein-rich Andean superfood, is covered with caramel & a delicate layer of cocao butter. Popped seeds are an ancestral preparation in the homeland of cacao.