Villa Jerada Harissa Sauce, 170.1g


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In every Moroccan Souk, store and home you will find this spicy condiment used as either a base for cooking, or as a garnish to add spice to your meal. Harissa remains a staple in the Moroccan kitchen, much like Ketchup, Tabasco or Siracha is for many American homes. Villa Jerada’s harissa stands out amongst other brands because of its unique flavor and quality. With beautifully red chilis, a half a preserved lemon and an abundance of organic Moroccan extra virgin olive oil in every jar, you will taste the difference. The applications of this amazing sauce are too numerous to list - vegetables, sauces, braised meats, soups...the list goes on. Any time you find yourself craving rich chili flavor with a bit of spice, just add some.

Wednesday 22nd of March 2023 09:06:52 PM